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The Conservative Friends of NIgeria ( CFON) is an influential UK-based [Nigerian based] group that is striving to encourage and promote UK-based Nigerians to encourage in campaigning, advocacy,CO and policy work, so as to help improve and foster relationships between Nigeria and the UK. The CFON was founded to create a platform to address misconceptions and inaccurate perceptions of Nigeria by shedding light on the real challenges facing the country. It is no surprise that one of it’s major aims is to provide fair representation for Nigerians and create a positive and more democratic future for the country through political and economic reforms.


Our mission is to improve understanding of Nigeria’s complex context and propose new solutions through influencing decision-makers within the conservative party, UK parliament and government, the media, and also the private sector.


  • Encourage Nigerians in the diaspora to be actively involved in political matters thereby strengthening connections and relations between the UK and Nigeria.

  • We aim to enlighten the UK parliament about Nigeria and also provide a fair and accurate representation of matters concerning Nigeria.

  • The CFON aims to establish great partnerships with British companies and corporations ( private and public) by facilitating interests in investments, businesses and trade in Nigeria.

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What We Do

The conservative friends of Nigeria seek to promote the social and political prosperity of Nigerians who are resident in the UK. It strives to encourage UK residents of Nigerian heritage to be more involved in the community they live in as leaders of positive change and aspirations, in line with the ethos of the Conservative party. We seek to improve the membership of the party by engaging the Nigerian community resident in the UK.

It hopes to motivate and support members of the Nigerian community to aspire to be councillors, MPs, volunteers, school governors, charity trustees and in any other way that will improve cohesion in their community

CFON actively seeks to improve relations between UK and Nigeria for the benefit of both countries.

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